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Pro Tips:1 The overhead door Service call

Posted by Andrew Garrett on Sun, 03 25, 2012 @ 02:17 PM

describe the imageWhen calling for a door issue we ask a few questions, so today I would like to tell you a few steps to take before calling for a service call.

Some information we are going to ask for can save us some time and you some money.

1. What is the size of your door?  If you are not sure how wide or tall your door is, we are unsure how many of our techs to send.  If you measure your door and only need one tech this can save you some hard earned cash at the end. 

In order to measure your door just grab a tape measure and check the width of the door from end of section to the other end of the section.  The next step is measure the height from floor to top of ceiling.  You can also measure your opening from the outside and get the same measurements.

2. Is your door insulated? The easiest way to tell if your door is insulated is tap on it.  If it sounds like a tin can then it is most likly not insulated.  Most wooden doors are not insulated but it is important information that we know your door is made of wood as wooden doors can be very heavy.

3. Do you have an electric opener?  If you have an electric opener we need to know some information that will help us further diagnose the problem you are having.

• Make, Which company manufactured your opener ( Overhead Door, Wayne Dalton, Sears, Liftmaster ect.)

• What is the model number of your opener?  This information tells us all kinds of things, how old the opener is, if we can still get parts for it and if we are still legally able to maintain it for you.

• Lastly, Does it have photo cells?  Photo cells are a federaly mandated saftey item that need to be on all new garage door openers.  Some openers that do not have photo cells are deemed unsafe and cannot be worked on.

4. What issue are you having?  Describe the problem you are experiencing. How often it happens, sounds you are hearing, time of day that it occurs.


By having these four questions answered before you call your service call in you will speed up your time on the phone and clarify the number of people we need to send to your home to address any issues with your door and opener.

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